mecoon laser projection systems

Attached you find some advantages of our laser projectors.
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Three important facts of the laser projection

1. projection software
Our software guaranties efficiency and easy handling. It can be adapted according to the need of the customer. All of the major providers' design software will drive the system.

2. Accuracy
Our unique calibration of the laser projectors in connection with automatic calibrating sensors before each projection guaranties the highest possible accuracy.

3. reliablility and service
Our laser projection systems provide a high reliability and guaranties in connection with a service contract a very low down time.


















  • industrial PC
  • touch screen
  • radio remote control
  • display single row, double row
  • wireless data transfer
  • motorized track  

See more information and pictures in our folder:

We offer naturally spare parts and ongoing services.

Die Laserprojektionsvorteile auf einen Blick

Darstellung in verschiedenen
Darstellbarkeit komplexer Bauteile
nichts kann vergessen werden
kein qualifiziertes Personal nötig
keine Kollisionen bei Doppelwänden
Projektionsebenen einzeln anzeigbar

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