References and applications



tilting tables

stationary laser projection system: Comp Maba, Austria

30 m tiltingtable for the production of constructive elements with 4 laser projectors and remote control




Mobile laser projection system: Comp Burggraaff, NL

5 15 m tilting tables for the production of intermediate walls with 2 laser projectors and remote control




circulation plants



Mobile laser projection system: Comp. Schwörer,Germany


Mobile laser projection system for the production of double walls with 2 laser projecors over 3 palette positions




stationary laser projection system: Comp. Schwörer Germany

Stationary laser projection system fort he production of contructive elements with 3 laser projectors and remote control.



references and applications
in the prefabricated wood industry


Stationary laser projection system Comp. Wigo, Austria


6 Production tables with one laser projector each to orientate and nail walls

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